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How to Heal Your Divine Feminine With Monica Yates (Clear Skin, Better Relationships, Sex & Dating Experiences)

July 18, 2022


It is safe to say today’s guest has absolutely changed my life. I stumbled upon Monica’s work out of near chance and within 24 hours had listened to over six podcast episodes. Monica Yates is a trauma healer, period whisperer, and embodiment witch. Monica is a go-to for all things periods, business, trauma, men, emasculation, sex, feminine pleasure, magic, money, and manifestation. Personally, I connected deeply to her work on living in your feminine energy which I have seen majorly transform my relationships, skin, and mental and physical health.


In this episode Monica covers: 

  • What is meant by the 'Divine Masculine' and 'Divine Feminine' energy types 
  • Signs you are operating in either one of these 
  • How to attract more men and be open to more men approaching you!
  • Why it's important to heal trauma and to heal your relationship with men
  • The connection between skin troubles/physical health concerns and trauma/energy healing 


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